PharmaFreak Supplement in India

Alex Savva and Don Gauvreau founded the PharmaFreak in 2008. Company also claims to delivers most effective and potent sports supplements ever. Pharma Freak is a dedicated company in researching, creating, and developing most powerful supplement around the world. Supplements made up with high quality, clinically proved ingredient with premier quality control standards.

Founder of this company have more than 10+ years’ experience of dietary supplements. They are continually discovering and developing better and exciting new dietary supplements ingredients. It is regular contributing to several fitness publications worldwide. They also train people for competitive athletes. It has wide range of supplements are Ripped Freak, Ripped Freak Diuretic, Testosterone Boosters, Test Freak, Anabolic Freak, Greens Freak, Vita Freak, Flex Freak, Gh Freak, Amino Freak, Amino Freak 3000, Pump Freak, Super Freak, Ripped Freak Pre-Workout, Creatine Freak, Creatine Freak 5000, Vegan Freak, Ripped Freak Protein, Protein Freak, Mass Freak, Beef Freak.

Top Products of PharmaFreak Supplements in India

PharmaFreak Supplement in India

PharmaFreak Protein Powder is formulated with premium whey protein concentrate and milk isolate protein to provide daily needs of protein. Protein shakes are great protein supplements to any bodybuilding, wiehght loss, performance improving nutrition plan to achieve goals in the gym.

PharmaFreak Ripped Freak is world’s strongest fat burner. This supplement unique formula increase strength, increase workout intensity and boost stamina.This supplement is propriety blend of 9 most powerful ingredients.

PharmaFreak Test Freak is one of the strongest testosterone booster in the world. It offers you more muscle growth, increased sex drive and a real improvement in the body.

PharmaFreak Anabolic Freak formula formulated with clinically & researched ingredients of powerful anabolic and testosterone-boosting agents.

Super Freak pre workout is strongest pre workout supplement that you have ever used. It delivers increased strength , performance, energy for your workout in the gym.