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Proteinsstore.com is more than technology and tools you need to build muscle, lean body, burn fat, gain size and develop into your finest personality. Give a chance to us change the world. Proteinsstore.com changes lives and it make powerful, make easy, and promote positive changes. We are not only a Website, more than it. We deliver information, motivation, and supplementation.

Proteinsstore.com accomplishment

Here are some facts about Proteinsstore.com that makes it unique and secure place to purchase genuine supplements in India.

  • Most visited fitness website in India.
  • Leading sports nutrition E-Retailer.
  • Working for last two years in supplement.
  • Providing best and detailed supplement content for each & every product in india.
  • Dealing more supplements than any website in India.
  • Covering all india.

Proteinssstore.com is not only a website it’s more than it. It’s like your personal trainer, nutritionist, supplement expert, lifting partner, support group. It offers knowledge, tools, and supplements that help to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self.

Our Values

  • Always be genuine and sincere in every phase of big business
  • Setting aim build the roadmap to positive gains
  • It’s our goal to make people fitter.
  • Looks for better feedback from customer.

Proteinsstore.com is located in Delhi, capital of India.

Why Choose Us

Health Ikon stands for commitment, service, knowledge and dedication to our customers. We are not only just online supplement store. We pride ourselves on great prices, great service, and a very knowledgeable staff. Our employees receive regular training on the newest products so we can answer all of your questions. Our customers always come first and we will go the extra mile to make you happy.

Health Ikon is not a small company it has own warehouse stocked everyday with over 5,000 items.

We keep our warehouse stocked everyday therefore out of stocks are very rare. If something is out of stock you can view the availability directly on the product page before you order. If you decide to order an out of stock item our system will automatically email you with an ETA minutes after your order is placed. In addition to this if there is an unavoidable delay our customer service team will call or e-mail you within 24 hours.

We keep our prices low and shipping policy simple. It’s easy just do the math we are cheaper and most of all better at getting your supplements to you fast.

Our Member

Based out of Delhi, Rohit, Anishur & Wasim’s flexible attitude and Protiensstore.com consultants worked as a team to give his E- commerce new roads of extension.

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