Sale! Amway protein powder 200g india
Amway protein powder 200g india

Amway Protein Powder 200g

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Amway Protein Powder 200g

Amway Protein Powder 200g provides you the integrity of nature and the power of protein from its blended Soy, Wheat and Yellow Pea. Amway Protein Powder 200g is 100% Plant sourced and is cholesterol and lactose free. Nutrilite Protein Powder 200g gives you synergy of all essential amino acids which are essential for maintenance and rebuilding of cells and tissues.

Amway Protein Powder 200g has a high protein content of 80% and provides 8g protein in every 10g serving. It has PDCAAS score of 1 and is easy to digest. It also provides the added benefits of phyto nutrients like naturally occurring soy isoflavones. It has a neutral taste, and hence can be easily added to your favorites Drink like milk, shakes, juices, butter milk, Lassi  etc and can be mixed with variety of food items like Roti, cereals, breads, cakes, biscuits, curd, vegetables, salads and soups.

Amway Protein Powder 200g Product Info

  • Amway Protein Powder available in 200gm, 500gm and 1 KG
  • Amway Protein Powder 200g is Free from cholesterol and lactose
  • Amway Protein Powder content 80% of Protein.
  • Nutrilite Protein is 100% Vegetarian

Whey Take Amway Protein Powder 200g

Our body goes through wear and tear every day. Even simple tasks like walking, cooking, cleaning etc use up essential nutrients like protein. Our body constantly need protein but does not store excess protein. Hence, daily intake is necessary to ensure that our body gets all the protein it needs.

Only Amway Nutrilite All Plant Protein powder has PDCASS value is 1.0 in the world.

Direction For Amway Protein Powder: Use Amway All Plant Protein Powder 1 Scoop 3 times a day with your favorites Drink like milk, shakes, juices, butter milk, Lassi.  Keep container tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place.

Note: All Amway Nutrilite Product Sold at are 100% Genuine. Find the Best Protein Powder

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200 Gm




10 Gm or 1 Scoops 3 Time Per Day


Vegetarian Protein Powder


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