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Cytosport Monster Isolate

Cytosport Monster Isolate

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Cytosport Monster Isolate is NSF Certified Protein Powder for Sports Person, Provide 25g Protein Per servings.

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Cytosport Monster Isolate

Cytosport Monster Isolate Supplement Mix is a single source protein powder. What are you getting? 100% of the 25g of protein is from Whey Protein Isolate to aid in exercise recovery and muscle growth.

What Is Whey Protein Isolate?

Whey protein isolate contains a high level of leucine, which promotes the synthesis of muscle protein and muscle growth. It also promotes the loss of fat tissue because of the energy the body needs to process leucine. When compared with soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate has 50 percent more leucine. Monster Isolate Protein is Pure Vegetarian Protein for Men and women it Contains 58 Servings Per Jar.

Monster Isolate Protein Benefits

  • Lose Fat and Preserve Muscle
  • Increase Size and Strength

Cytosport Monster Isolate Protein Per Serving Contains:

  • Single source protein
  • 25g Pure Isolate Protein
  • 130 Calories
  • 3-4g Total Carbohydrate
  • Less than 1g Sugar
  • Great taste
  • NSF Certified for Sport

25gm Pure Isolate Protein: 25g of protein comes from one source – whey protein isolate which is natural source of glutamine and the branched-chain amino acids

6gm BCAAs: When used as part of your workout recovery the BCAAs can help promote muscle growth.

2.8gm L-Leucine: This amino acid helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis at the cellular level.

NSF Certified: Cytosport Monster Isolate is NSF Certified Protein for athlete or bodybuilders, NSF screens supplements for more than 200 substances banned by most major athletic organizations. The main components of NSF’s certification program are label claim review, a toxicology review to certify the formulation and contaminant review to ensure against contaminants

Directions For Cytosport Monster Isolate: Mix 1 scoop (34g) of Monster Isolate with 8 oz of water. Cytosport Monster Isolate can be used either before workouts, after workouts or prior to bedtime.

Note: All Cytosport Products sold at are officially imported in India, Buy Best Isolate Protein at Best Price


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