Sale! Dymatize Elite Xt Protein Powder 4 LBS
Dymatize Elite Xt Protein Powder 4 LBS

Dymatize Elite Xt Protein

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Dymatize Elite XT Protein Supports Musclebuilding it Contains Whey Protein, BCAA and Necessary Vitamins For Bodybuilders.

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Dymatize Elite Xt Protein

Dymatize Elite Xt Protein is designed to provide fuel to your muscle and continued recovery formula. It contains different types of protein and added bcaa and milk derived protein. It supports build muscle by providing whey protein.

Dymatize Elite Xt Info

It contains fastest and slowest absorbing rates of protein to fuel your body with added release protein nutrients. Each serving delivers to you 21g of protein with 4.2 bcaa, and gluten free.

Dymatize Elite Xt Protein Powder 4 LBS

Dymatize Elite Xt Nutrition Facts

It is re-formulated to delivers amazing taste and better experience. It contains better protein that provides muscle diet for longer period of time.

Dymatize Elite Xt Benefits

  • It has improved amazing taste.
  • It delivers extended release protein formula in each serving.
  • It supports to build muscle.
  • It helps to give quick recovery.
  • Elite XT Protein Price is low.
  • Elite XT Protein review is excellent on body building.

Dymatize Elite Xt Side effects

This is most excellent supplement in the world. It is an award winning supplement and we never heard about any bad effects on it

Dymatize Elite Xt ingredients are

Amount per Serving                                                                            % DV

Calories                                                                                               130

Calories from Fat                                                                                10

Total Fat                                                                                              1.5 g                2%

Cholesterol                                                                                          20 mg              7%

Total Carbohydrate                                                                             8 g                   3%

Sugars                                                                                                 4 g

Protein                                                                                                 21 g                 42%

Calcium                                                                                               255 mg            26%

Magnesium                                                                                          23 mg              6%

Sodium                                                                                                210 mg            9%

Potassium                                                                                            280 mg            8%

Other Ingredients-

It also includes sustained Muscle Saturation Matrix (SM2) Whey Protein Matrix (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate), High Casein Matrix (Milk Protein Isolate, Casein), etc.

Directions of Dymatize Elite XT Protein Powder 4 LBS

Consume 1-2 Scoops with 400-500ml water daily after workout. Please drink plenty of water every day. Do not surpass the suggested daily dose. Ask advice from a medical doctor prior to use if you have any medical conditions.

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