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Herbalife Aloe Plus

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Herbalife Aloe vera products Aloe Plus Enhances digestion and boosts immunity. Herbalife Nutrition Aloe Plus Gives better absorption of nutrients.

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Herbalife Aloe Plus Aloe Vera Products

The aloe vera Plant contains dozens of benefits, including enzymes and vitamins. Aloe vera juice, the key ingredient of Herbalife Aloe Plus (aloe vera capsules) is known to smooth the progress of digestion. In addition, Aloe vera products Aloe Plus has the ability to gently dispose off the toxins accumulate in our system enabling to absorb benefits from the nutrients. Aloe plus combines the aloe vera benefits with ingredients like Fo-Ti Root powder which is an immune booster. Tamarind is subject to reduce fever helps as laxative and antiseptic

Herbalife Aloe Plus Benefits ( Benefits of aloe vera )

  • Herbalife Nutrition Aloe Plus helps to gently dispose of toxins accumalated in the body.
  • Aloe Plus Gives better absorption of nutrients.
  • Aloe Plus contains Aloe vera and other herbs enhances digestion and boosts immunity.
  • It is Herbal aloe vera products, that retain benefits of aloe vera.

How to Use Herbalife Aloe Plus: It is recommended to have one tablet of Aloe Plus twice a day for long term good health.

Note: All Herbalife Products Sold at are 100% Genuine. Buy Herbalife Aloe Plus aloe vera products. We are Herbalife Distributor in India.

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60 Tablets


1 Tablet Twice Per Day


Vegetarian Supplement


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