Sale! Met Rx L-Carnitine 1500
Met Rx L-Carnitine 1500

Met Rx L-Carnitine 1500

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Met Rx L-Carnitine Liquid is the Best Most Popular Liquid Carnitine Supplement in India for Bodybuilder.

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Met Rx L-Carnitine 1500

Met-Rx L-Carnitine 1500 Liquid is one of the most versatile supplements available ultimate for all Bodybuilders. Met Rx L-Carnitine 1500 helps the body convert food to energy providing support for endurance exercise (aerobic) and during recovery from high intensity activities such as weightlifting and sprinting (anaerobic).

Met Rx Carnitine Liquid 1500 Benefits

  • Assists in fat breakdown of food being used for energy
  • Assists in fat metabolism
  • Plays a role in fatty acid oxidation to make more ATP available
  • May help support heart health
  • Plays an essential role in making fatty acids available for muscle tissue
  • Promotes muscular energy
  • Supports exercise recovery

Met Rx L-Carnitine Liquide 1500 formula is further enhanced with a high amount of Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5). Once Pantothenic Acid is converted into Coenzyme A in the body, it works directly with Carnitine to support converting food to Energy.

Met Rx L-Carnitine Liquid India

When searching for the optimal energy production, we all look at the mitochondria of our cells. This is where the magic happens and where energy is created for our bodies to perform at its best. Found in the mitochondria of a cell is a nutrient called carnitine. Fat is the most abundant source of energy in the body and provides over 2 Time more energy per gram than carbs or protein. Carnitine found naturally in the cell, May helps utilize fat and turn it into a usable energy source. 95% of the body’s carnitine is located in skeletal and cardiac muscle. A typical diet only supplies approximately 100mg of carnitine a day.

Directions for Met Rx L-Carnitine 1500 Liquid: For adults, take one tablespoon thirty to sixty minutes before exercise with your pre-workout meal. A second serving should be taken with your post-workout meal. Do not take on an empty stomach. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications you take with your health care providers.

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