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Nutech Mass Gainer

Nutech Mass Gainer is formulated to supply optimum quantities of Protein, Carbohydrates and Micro nutrients crucial for healthy muscle gain. Mass gained as muscle and weight gained as surplus fat accumulation are very different, where as both will be reflected as same in your weighing scale as weight gain. Keeping your fat intake to the minimum and consuming adequate calories with sufficient protein is the key. A calorie contributed by fat in Nutech Mass is much low even if you use the maximum servings per day. Antioxidants are super nutrients that eliminate harmful waste products from the body. During a bodybuilding regiment, it’s important to take a variety of antioxidants. Free radicals form as a result of the exercise you’ll be performing and they have a way of causing havoc on the body. Nutech Mass provides Antioxidants that will protect your muscles. Most of the B complex vitamins are involved in the energy metabolism of your body. lacking them your body will not be able to utilize maximum carbohydrates as energy. Since energy metabolism is vital for Protein utilization B complex vitamins are essentially added to Nutech Mass. Building muscle needs an increase in calories and that is, to gain weight you must consume more calories than you burn each day. Even if high quantities of protein are ingested, without sufficient calories it will not be converted to muscle in the body.

Nutech Mass Gainer Features

  • It is free from sodium
  • It has1500 calories per serving
  • It is zero sugar & transfats
  • It is made up with perfect blend of 16 vitamins and minerals
  • Balanced calories coming from carbohydrates, proteins and fats for weight gain
  • Synergistic anabolic proteins
  • Low fat to promote healthy weight gain
  • 73% digestible carbohydrates

Nutech Mass Gainer Benefits

  1. It contains balanced calories and protein to support healthy weight gain
  2. It refills your energy sources
  3. It contains high quality proteins along with essential amino acids support lean muscle gain
  4. It is enriched with essential micro nutrients to boost immunity
  5. Calories from fat are provided by essential fatty acids

Directions for use Nutech Mass Gainer

As a dietary supplement consumes 2-3 scoops (100 g) with approximately 300-400ml of water or milk twice daily for normal weight gain. For Best Result consume 4 servings (400 g) daily. It is equivalent to 1500 kcals.

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