Sale! Six Pack Nutrition Max Muscle 2 Kg
Six Pack Nutrition Max Muscle 2 Kg

Six Pack Nutrition Max Muscle

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Six Pack Nutrition Max Muscle 2 Kg

Max Muscle High Performance Protein Blend of Fast Acting whey and slow release casein with protein carb ratio of 1:3. Hardcore muscle gain formula packed with simple and complex carbohydrates. Added Creatine, Glutamine and Calcium

  1. Flavor: Choco Delight
  2. High performance mass gain formula
  3. Fortified with glutamine, creatine and calcium
  4. Protein carb ratio of 1:3
  5. Size: 2 kg

Six Pack Nutrition Max Muscle is a state-of-the-art formula which provides excellent muscle recovery and growth. It is packed with a specially selected combination of slow and fast absorbing carbs to ensure it meets the body’s need for both immediate and sustained energy release. It delivers 25gms of superior quality protein (per 100gm) along with creatine and glutamine for quick muscle recovery.

It can serve as a pre workout drink for sustained energy release or as a post workout drink for replenishing muscle glycogen and muscle recovery. A high performance protein blend of whey and casein results in an extended release protein matrix that continues to release amino acids for up to 6 hrs. Max Muscle is also fortified with calcium which ensures a strong framework for big muscles.

Add 2 scoops (60 g) of Six Pack Nutrition Max Muscle in 200 ml cold milk and mix until completely dissolved.  Also mixes well with water. This high performance whey and casein blend, fortified with creatine & glutamine and powered by an optimum combination of simple and complex carbohydrates ensures immediate as well as long lasting energy supply. It is best to have max muscle as post workout supplement.

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