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Medisys Whey Iso Muscle

Medisys Whey Iso Muscle

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Medisys Whey Iso Muscle is Complete Isolate Protein Powder Provide 30gm Protein, 7.24g BCAAs help to Build Lean Muscle.

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Medisys Whey Iso Muscle

Medisys Whey Iso Muscle is enriched with high quality Whey Protein Isolate and hydrolysed Whey protein Medisys Isolate Protein contains fastest absorbing and purest forms of bio available Protein Isolate and hydrolysed protein, which means body can absorb the protein it needs to build and repair muscle faster.

The extra ordinary combo of Whey Isolate and Whey Hydrolysed Protein promotes the Muscle Protein Synthesis and muscle recovery at much faster rate, when compared with other Big International Brands.

Medisys Whey Iso Muscle is an excellent whey isolate supplement that is packed with all the necessary ingredients required to build the lean muscle mass.

Medisys Whey Iso Muscle Benefits

  • Medisys Whey Iso Muscle is 100% Pure Quality Whey Isolate Protein with low Fats and carb.
  • 30gm of pure and fast acting whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed whey protein in each serving builds lean muscle sculpting.
  • Enhances protein synthesis and boosts energy level.
  • Reduces muscle break.
  • Enhances muscle recovery and gives strength to muscles.
  • Enhances Energy and Workout Performance
  • High amino acid profile which helps in faster recovery of muscles after heavy workouts and muscle protein synthesis

Medisys Whey Iso Muscle Ingredients

30gm protein– Medisys Whey Iso Muscle is packed with 30 g of protein while the supplements of other brands contain maximum of 27 g of protein.

7.26 g BCAAs– Branched chain amino acids (Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine) contains the chain of amino acids that are good for enhancing the muscle strength.

14.76 g EAAs– EAA’s (Essential amino acids) are required to recover the muscle breakdown during workout sessions and thus, these are added in our supplement.

1.36 g CARBs– To make our product a better and rich source of protein, we have used only 1.36 g of carbohydrates.

Other Ingredients use in Medisys Whey Iso Muscle– Whey protein isolate, Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, Alkalized cocoa powder, Xanthan gum, Papain, Vitamin and Mineral premix blend.

How to Use Medisys Whey Iso Muscle– Use 1 Scoop or 35gm of this Isolate Protein powder into 190ml- 210 ml of water. Or you can add this powder into same volume of milk. Now, blend the mixture for 40 to 50 seconds to get a thick and creamy shake.

All Medisys Supplements Sold at are Genuine, Buy Genuine be Safe, Purchase Best Isolate Protein

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